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Meet Eileen

The Gifts of Graze brand was born from the heart and mind of our founder, Eileen, in July 2019.

Her passion for spending time with family & friends, inspiring others, and living creatively can be experienced through every Gifts of Graze product.

Meet Gifts of Graze

Gifts of Graze curates and builds beautiful and delicious grazing boards that are different from anything else you’ve experienced. Making it easy to share more moments together and show you care when you’re apart.

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With her business Gifts of Graze her mission is to bring gifts of joy to others, while helping her community around the Dallas-Fort Worth Area here in Texas.

The Dallas Morning News

Women entrepreneurs and business owners have touched nearly every industry in Frisco. They serve as accountants, real estate agents and optometrists, and they own hair salons, gyms and restaurants.

City Lifestyle Dallas

We make it easy to share more moments together, and show you care when you’re apart,” explains Eileen Torres, founder of Gifts of Graze

Moments that Matter


Engagement and bridal and baby showers, oh my! It’s no secret that April is shower season—and for good reason. Here in Texas, the bluebonnets are

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Graze Tables 101

If you have an Instagram account, then we’re sure you’ve seen (i.e.: gawked, saved, drooled) over the hottest new trend to hit the charcuterie scene—Graze

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