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We make it easy to share more moments together, and show you care when you’re apart,” explains Eileen Torres, founder of Gifts of Graze, a premium gift company created to elicit smiles through beautiful, delicious grazing boards filled with assorted cured meats, mild and creamy cheeses, bread, fruits and nuts.

The Dallas Morning News

Women entrepreneurs and business owners have touched nearly every industry in Frisco. They serve as accountants, real estate agents and optometrists, and they own hair salons, gyms and restaurants. With Woman’s History Month coming to a close, we compiled a list of woman-owned businesses that you can continue to support.

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It is not too late to start. When you tune in with your mission and purpose, you can start at any point in your journey. In today’s episode special guest, Eileen Torres, and I talk about her journey to crafting gifts that can unite and bring people together.